Scott Beveridge

Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Film- and video maker, scriptwriter, AIDS activist. CFC-trained Beveridge, an award-winning veteran of the Toronto indie queer media scene, made the defiant claim that his half dozen short films and videos since 1992, often starting out as Super 8, were all self-funded. His uncompromising experimental narratives, such as Quiver (1999, orig. Super 8, 5 , TIFF) and Odessa (2000, 5), were encounters of first-person voice with allegorized performance, provocative politicizations of AIDS, violence, homophobia and queer normalization. The former constructed an analogy between a masochist prisoner’s eroticized brutalization by his master and an HIV patient’s submission to corporal invasion, while the latter was a ceremonial polemic against sexual science and sexual identities/bodies—from “third sex” to hypothalmus.